Each player is unique in many ways. They learn and process instruction differently. One player may have coordination difficulties and the next player may be able to perform a skill well after only just learning it. Because every player has their strengths, and their weaknesses, Diana Schaefering saw a need to develop a platform to address each player’s specific needs. Diana’s system takes each player’s individual needs and addresses them by identifying where, in a building block structure, the skill is incorrect. After teaching the correction, the player is instructed on how, and why, it all fits into a process that builds upon itself. Diana Schaefering and Schaefering Power Play Hockey offer numerous options to provide your player, or team, the building block instruction that has helped thousands of hockey players achieve their goals.
Players who are looking to take their game to another level and prefer a one-on-one approach would be best suited exploring private training as a means of helping them achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Other players are most comfortable learning in an environment where a friend, or a team mate, participates with them. In these cases, semi-private training would be the best approach. Both players benefit from the instruction given and, because they are with a friend, they look forward to the lesson time and will most likely continue to stay afterward and practice. While some players do best in small groups, your child might excel in a large group situation, where he/she feels a sense of competition. The Schaefering Power Play Hockey Summer Programs will offer your player the opportunity to learn while competing and push himself to the limit. If your team is interested in improving skating skills and learning with their teammates, team training will provide each player with the proper technique, friendly competition and the camaraderie of being with their friends at the same time.  
Whatever type of instruction you choose, know that Diana Schaefering will give your player the tools to be the best player they can be!