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Hockey...fast paced, lightning speed, stops & starts, line changes, read and react, sharp passes, quick turns, shots on goal...and the list goes on! Each of these components require every player be proficient in one particular skill. Skating. Skating is the only skill used every minute of every shift in every hockey game!
Would you like to feel stronger on your skates?  Do you want solid edges, quicker starts and better overall balance while being more confident? Then technical work on your hockey skating skills can help change that. For over 35 years, Diana Schaefering has taught thousands of players, from the complete beginner learning the basics, to the professional player needing to refine technique for an additional edge in their game. Diana will challenge you, just as she challenges herself to continually grow the knowledge base needed to produce excellent hockey skaters.
For a list of NHL, Professional, Collegiate and Junior players Diana has worked with, see Alumni!
During a trip to Oslo, Norway, I was fortunate to be able to work with a team in the Manglerud Star organization. Pictures of our on ice session are in the Photo Gallery.